Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom (brainfreediet) wrote,
Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom

MHA #5, Thursday night

If you thought Flash wasn't going to be watching the NFL Draft tonight, then you didn't know Flash. And, actually, since he was new in town, there was a good chance you didn't.

Anyway, he had the TV set up, he had some pizza, he had a cold drink (... of water), and he had a needle full of symbiote sedative. The Avengers trusted him with the symbiote here. Hank McCoy gave him the sedative to keep the symbiote from taking control. Flash felt good and even considered not taking it. The symbiote was under control, after all. Even the demon was keeping quiet. But he decided to take stick the needle in his arm anyway.

With the monster in him drugged for another day, Flash got down to business. He hung his Jets flag on his door to show his allegiance to his neighbors and he started watching the show. "Yeah, no duh Clowney went first. Let's move it along...."

[OOC: Open in case anyone might want to visit a stranger displaying football pride. You never know, it could happen.

Sedative use is NFB, you handsome personal journals squirrel, you.]
Tags: football!, mha5, sedative, symbiote
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