Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom (brainfreediet) wrote,
Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom

Baltimore, Saturday night

Since he'd gotten to Fandom, Flash had pretty much been keeping the symbiote in check. But resisting it too much made it antsy. It needed to get out a little. It needed some adrenaline to keep it healthy, and regular workouts weren't enough.

So Agent Venom made his way down to Baltimore to get a special workout.

He made his way around the city quickly and efficiently across the rooftops, stopping any crime he came across. It was the third crime of the night, the car theft, that reminded him of just how fun the superhero thing really was. Landing on the car, snaking a tendril in through the ventilation, and then punching the thief in the face and hitting the break, all while the rest of him stayed on top of the car? How was that anything but fun?

He had a day of work ahead of him tomorrow, but he could deal with that. For now he was really just going to enjoy a night on the town.

[OOC: NFB due to distance, but can be open if anyone's out on the town in Baltimore for some reason!]
Tags: agent venom, baltimore
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