Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom (brainfreediet) wrote,
Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom

MHA #5, Wednesday night

Flash was channel flipping tonight. On ESPN he had the Knicks season opener against, sigh, the Bulls. He was even wearing his Amaré jersey (since he basically didn't have legs either these days). On Fox he had the World Series, which he had no stakes in except for rooting for the Royals because how could you not?

He had dinner, he had soda, and he had good sports. He couldn't ask for a hell of a lot more right now. Except maybe a spot on an Avengers team. Or a girlfriend. Or legs that weren't made of futuristic plastic or alien goop. But whatever, he was still happy right now.

[OOC: Little brain so method RP! Except that I'm rooting for the Bulls, which is right and proper. Open if anyone has a reason to visit or yell at the guy who was cheering during the first quarter, at least.]
Tags: mha5
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