Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom (brainfreediet) wrote,
Corporal Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka Agent Venom

Streets of Manhattan, Days Ago, Earth-616

This was not a good time for a phone call. "What is it, Kiernan?"

"Sorry," Katy said. "You busy? You sound a little preoccupied."

"Give me a second." There was a burst of gunfire and a scream from a distance. "Okay, I can talk."

"I'm going to pretend I didn't just hear that, Agent Venom," Katy said.

"Rubber bullets, cross my heart," Agent Venom said. "What's up?"

"I tracked down something that might help you with one of your many, many problems," Katy said.

"You have to be more specific," Venom sighed.

"The demon and the Hellmark," Katy said. "I've stumbled across some info about this weird place in Maryland where a lot of magic stuff happens. If there's anywhere that might have a lead on magic powerful enough to get that sucker off you and exorcise the demon, this is it."

"I guess I know where I'm going next," Venom said. "What's the name of this place?"

"It's called Fandom," Katy said. "Weird name, I know. And from what I've heard, that's the most normal thing about it."

"I don't know if you realized it, Katy, but I'm not exactly normal myself," Venom pointed out.

"Don't underestimate this place or you'll be in for a hell of a surprise. And remember, if you find something crazy, I get the story," Katy said.

"I'll keep you posted," Venom said before hanging up.

After Agent Venom webbed up the bank robbers he just stopped, he fired a webline to swing away. He liked Katy a lot. She was a good friend. And while he wasn't crazy about giving exclusive info to a crackpot rag like the Daily Inquisitor, that's where she built up her sources. And every now and then she'd come up with something really helpful that she was willing to trade for the story. The trade helped both their teams.

"Fandom," Venom repeated as he swung. "I guess it's time to open up a new playbook and see what I can do about this mark."

[OOC: Establishy, of course. Flash will be in town on Sunday!]
Tags: backstory, katy kiernan, nyc
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